Dell PowerEdge C6100 Part Numbers

I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Dell PowerEdge C6100. I own two of them as of this posting. They work well as a cheap computing platform that uses 2U of rack space and can provide up to 24 hard drives per chassis. Well here’s the list:

  • LSI SAS1068e (Part Y8Y69, 3 Gb SAS)
  • LSI SAS2008 (Part XX2X2, 6 Gb SAS)
  • DELL Mellanox Qdr 40GB S Dual Port VPI Daughter Card (Part JR3P1)
  • Dell 10 GbE Mezzanine Card, SPF (Part X53DF / TCK99)
  • 4 port 1 GbE Mezzanine Card, ID’s as an Intel I350-T4 (Part DHCTK)
  • 2x 40GbE-only (Part 1965W)
  • 1x IB FDR / 40GbE (Part T483W)
  • 2x IB FDR / 40GbE (Part K75R1)
  • Mezzanine riser board (Part JKM5M)

One thing to note, the PCI-e 16x slot is limited to low profile and 5.5 inches in length, which eliminates quite a few network, HBA, and RAID cards on the market.

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